Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and High Vacuum Techniques

  • Laboratory development
  • Component designing  
  • Leak detection
  • Troubleshooting 

Instrumentation Expertise


Proficiency in synthesis, modification, processing, and characterization of solid thin films including multilayers  for various technological applications. 

Graphene film growth and insertion for enhancing properties of material

Thin films for surface coating and protection

​Nanostructure growth and property analysis for increased efficiency of devices 

Thin film

Experienced to provide innovative solution to overcome the problems of surface by modifying material or technique through various physical and chemical methods.  

Surface topology and morphology characterization and analysis

Surface structure identification 

Atomic level surface structure detection

Surface composition analysis

Surface elemental analysis and electronic state determination

Dr. Chhayabrita Maji

My experience is amalgamation of surface science, material science and applied physics. The material from 0-Dimension to 3-Dimension were synthesized, processed and modified. The solid thin films and multilayers were grown in extremely clean environment through various high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum techniques. The surface topology, surface composition, and surface structure is analysed to identify and understand the surface problem. The surface analysis lead to solution of surface problem and surface could be modified accordingly. The main aim is to understand the surface problems and modify the material for industrial application. The 3-dimensional alloys are grown and characterized.  The analysis of physical properties are done to modify the alloy for industry friendly applications. Following are the expertise summarised:

Surface Analysis


Characterization for Composition, Structure, Surface Topography

Property Analysis for Electrical Conductivity, Magneto-transport, Calorimetry

Electronic band structure through experiment for material designing